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NE was started as a concept about 14 years ago with the primary aim of capturing and immortalising good memories using tools such as photo albums, yearbooks amongst others.

However, all changed when the internet came along with the ability to display images, provide interactivity online and finally high quality multimedia.

NE has invested time and effort in researching the best tools for capturing your business’s idea or concept and translating that to the Internet.

Today, NE acts both as a web development house on one hand but focuses more on its consultancy wing, advising companies on how to improve their web operations for better results.

Our team of experts are well-versed in every sphere of web endeavour.

Contact us today to discuss how best we can help your web project. 


To translate the client’s dream into tangible virtual reality using the best tools and practices.

To provide the above at very affordable rates

To stay abreast with current and emerging web technologies to assist the client in their quest to access web success

To initiate and/or engage in novel projects that utilise our intellectual and technical prowess to highest level


Nostalgia Elysium is based in Southampton, England and Accra Ghana but has affiliates in many countries around the world and contractors based in the United States of America, Africa and Asia.

Nostalgia Elysium is backed by several seasoned developers, graphic designers and consultants.

To get in touch with us please call or use our contact form.

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