Web Video

Ever wondered how your competitors display video clips on their websites? How about those fancy news videos on BBC and CNN?

Well, wonder no more.

Our consultants will show you how easy it is add high quality video to your website using some of the easiest-to-use software titles and help you arrange the requisite hosting for your video files.

We also specialise in the broadcast of live video content via a website. Maybe it’s a conference feed that you want to be made accessible via the internet or probably a special event you will like to charge viewers for. Talk to us about any special video ideas you may have and let us bring them into reality. 

Note: We welcome unique ideas, businesses, charity and family-oriented themes. We however cannot assist with material that touch on adult or mature content as well as illegal, hate and other proscribed activity. Email us to find out whether your idea is categorised as ‘grey’ or proscribed.

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